Graham Jarvis Graham Jarvis welcome!
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  Only Fools and Horses, Gangsta Granny, Bluestone 42, Dancing With The Stars, My Family, Rock and Chips
About Graham - hes done a lot of music!
Graham Jarvis has provided music for media since 1986. He has composed music to picture for over fifty TV series, hundreds of corporates and a couple of films. The music is always written specifically for a project and, for Graham, part of the pleasure in writing soundtracks is the challenge in meeting a brief. Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars have had the pleasure of his arranging and editing for 26 seasons. Who else can claim to have been told they are a genius by Gladys Knight? He has developed DancePicker for Android and ios, an app to find the right dance for your music or the right music for your dance! GiltLines is a project with several friends to write songs, with lyrics written in English, Spanish and Mandarin All of this is done from a purpose built air-conditioned, soundproofed studio. Come visit soon!